So.. Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Do I look like the Hulk?  How much do you think I need?  “Where do you get your protein?” is the most common (and sometimes annoying) question that I get asked once I inform someone that I do not eat meat.  And yes, not even seafood.  Fortunately for me, I won’t die from lack of animal.  Americans actually consume way over the suggested amount.  Although protein is important in your diet, typically women only need around 46 grams and men 56 grams.

There are plenty of great sources of protein without worrying about high cholesterol and saturated fat.  For example; 1 cup of almonds = 20 grams, 1/2 cup of tofu = 10 grams, 1 cup of kidney beans = 26 grams, and plenty of leafy greens like kale, spinach, etc.

You’re probably thinking gross,  I’ll stick with a the 10 oz rib eye, but once you start choosing alternative options, you’ll realize it all adds up and you’re not stuck with a bubble gut.  Now of course if you are pregnant or trying to build muscle, extra protein can’t hurt, but a ridiculous amount is not necessary.  Always consult your doctor before making extreme changes to your diet.

Welcome to Meatless Monday

Surrounded by a world of bacon, would sound awesome 10 years ago before I became a vegetarian.  Reason being is it’s just a better and healthier option.  (and also I do feel compassion for every Bessie, Wilber, and the rest of the farm).  But I’m not here to convince you to swear off meat completely, although I do suggest replacing a meal, or an even an entire day, that is more green than bloody.  After moving to NW Florida from Seattle, dining out and even grocery shopping has been a bit of a challenge.  There’s only so much biscuits, cheese, and pasta I can consume before I become a butterball.  Planning and preparing dishes at home can be very time consuming, so every Monday I will be posting a recipe(s) for meatless meals.  You’ll learn that being vegetarian is super inexpensive even if you’re feeding an entire family or just yourself.  And trust me, not everything taste like cardboard and won’t be unfulfilling.